Jonny O’Dea

Director – Integro Partners

"The onboarding process with Invo Technology was seamless, we had a technology roadmap for the next 6 months in place within a week. We've recently implemented an AI phone system which is saving each member of my team hours every week. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Invo Technology to any recruiter looking for a forward thinking technology partner."

Managed IT services - About us

Our story

Invo Technology was officially formed in 2020, when our director Tom decided that he wanted to raise the bar in managed IT support for recruitment and finance.

With a wealth of experience, Tom could see common frustrations that many customers faced when dealing with IT support partners, as well as the frustrations that many employees faced working with them. A lack of communication and genuine understanding of the customer's business operations was a common theme.  

Invo Technology has erupted the market by raising the standard of customer experience. Of course, outstanding knowledge and expertise is a given, but customer experience is often overlooked.  that's why Invo Technology is now known for their world-class customer experience. They take the time to understand new customers and pride themselves on always making the best decision for that customer, aligned to their goals and values.

Invo Technology continues to grow rapidly, just like the other brands which are part of the Involvement community. Involvement brands have over 60 years of experience across a variety of sectors. Giving you piece if mind that Invo Technology is supported by a high performing community of companies.

Managed IT services - About us
Managed IT services - About us

Involvement brands are unique because they host a community of differing businesses with one common belief. A belief in its people. People who work with us are valued, supported and empowered. We believe that it’s our people who make our businesses the absolute best they can be. It’s this belief that inspires our performance culture.    

Our performance culture is underpinned by five values: Image, Customer, Innovation, Team and Performance. Our values are not for show. They embody the beliefs we share about how things should be done and unite everyone in how we act and make decisions. The end result of working to a clear set of values is that we deliver world-class experience to to finance organisations and recruitment agencies, every time.

Our brand principles


We know how frustrating technical jargon can be, so we don’t do it. Expect every conversation with us to be in language that anyone can understand.


If you’re not happy with our service after 3 months, we’ll refund you the entire contract amount to date & move you onto another IT provider.


We strive to be the best at what we do, so that you can be the best at what you do. We'll migrate you from your existing IT provider without any downtime to your business.

Trust and care are the pillars of our IT services!

At Invo Technology, we do not just provide IT services for finance and recruitment. We build relationships. We listen to our clients, understand their needs, and work with them to find the best solutions for their specific challenges. Because we specialise in catering the companies in finance and recruitment, you can be assured that we are experts at meeting you precise needs...

But that's not all! We also believe that IT can make a positive impact on the world, and we are doing our part to make that happen. We are proud to partner with organisations that are making a difference and working towards a better future.

We believe that technology should be accessible and affordable to every company across the globe, and we are dedicated to using our expertise and resources to help you get to the top!

Managed IT services - About us

Why work with us?


Client Retention

We treat every new partnership like our very first - attention and care through and through! 


Minutes saved daily

Using AI and process automation, we help members of your team save time every single day.


Customer Satisfaction

We succeed only when our clients do, and we ensure that each of our digital solutions drive growth.


Custom Solutions

Forget one-size-fits-all templates. Every solution we provide is designed to fit your needs.

Meet our IT wizards

We love all things IT and are ready to share the tech goodness with you! 

Managing Director

Tom Brennan

Operations Director

Danny Brady

Finance Director

Alfonse Kyeyune

Head of Customer Experience

Stuart Rolfe

Marketing and Communications Manager

Kinsey Petyt

IT Engineer

Jake Munby

IT Engineer

Connor Doodson

Involvement CEO

Arjen Cooper-Rolfe

Managed IT services - About us

Industries we work with


We do not provide generic IT solutions that only address your surface-level problems. We're fully aware of the day-to-day your industry, and proactively offer future-ready IT solutions that last. From sales, to operations, to compliance need, we streamline every aspect of your organisation with modern-day tech.

Recruitment Agencies

Nothing gets us more excited than knowing we're not trying to force ineffective solutions on our clients. We've taken the time to understand your needs; dashboards on individual and team productivity/performance, CRM data, finance data, forecasting and more. We simplify your data while securing your IT environment.

“We keep IT simple! No added jargon”

Tom Brennan, Managing Director

Many companies and executives are terrified of the digital transformation of recent years. And we don't blame them for that. Without an experienced hand on the steering wheel, IT solutions and practices can become a significant bottleneck for your operations. Instead of helping you grow, poorly designed IT might keep you from it.

We have formed Invo Technology to reverse that situation and help companies adopt IT solutions that are swift, fast, and simple to operate. Efficiency and productivity are the results of convenience and simplicity. Invo Technology is here to provide IT solutions and support for finance and recruitment that simplifies your IT ecosystem top-to-bottom.

Managed IT services

"Not a second of downtime"

We function as your internal IT department so that you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Here's what other managers at finance firms and recruitment agencies have to say about us...

5 stars out of 20 reviews

"Our experience with Invo Technology has been nothing short of exceptional, they have a deep understanding of the latest trends and have advised us on the most effective solutions for our business. This has led to increased revenue & growth for our business."

Operations Director – Walker Lovell

Dave Topping

"The team at Invo Technology have been instrumental to our business growth over the last 18 months. Recommending automation & AI to streamline sales & operations. Their knowledge of the recruitment sector has proven invaluable. They know exactly what solutions to implement when helping us solve a business problem."

Director – Dynamic Search Solutions

John Marks

"The onboarding process with Invo Technology was seamless, we had a technology roadmap for the next 6 months in place within a week. We've recently implemented an AI phone system which is saving each member of my team hours every week. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Invo Technology to any recruiter looking for a forward thinking technology partner."

Director – Integro Partners

Jonny O’Dea

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